5/5 - (2 ODI Runs)

Bahrain vs Saudi Arabia

Bahrain won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)

In the 8th match of the Gulf Cricket T20I Championship held in Doha on September 18, 2023, Saudi Arabia faced Bahrain in a closely contested encounter. Saudi Arabia managed to score 110 runs in their innings. However, Bahrain showcased their batting prowess and determination, successfully chasing down the target with 7 balls to spare. They reached a total of 114/4, securing a hard-fought 6-wicket victory. Bahrain’s impressive performance highlighted their competitive spirit in the tournament, while Saudi Arabia faced a tough challenge in this thrilling encounter.



Date Time League Season Match Day
September 18, 2023 4:00 pm Gulf Cricket T20 Championship Qatar 2023 8

Bahrain won by 6 wickets


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome


# Batting Position   R B 4s 6s
3Kashif Abbas- 192340
3Faisal Khan- 1500
3Abdul Waheed- 2600
3Saad Khan- 0100
3Abdul Manan Ali- 493742
3Hisham Shaikh- 172200
3Zain Ul Abidin- 5400
3Waheed Baladraf- 0100
3Sarfaraz Butt- 8700
3Atif Ur Rehman- 5400
3Ishtiaq Ahmad- 0200
# Bowling Position O M R W
3Atif Ur Rehman-3.50331
3Ishtiaq Ahmad-40130
3Zain Ul Abidin-40151
3Waheed Baladraf-40192
3Abdul Waheed-10100
3Kashif Abbas-10120
3Faisal Khan-10110


# Batting Position   R B 4s 6s
4Umer Toor- 0200
4Imran Ali Butt- 394431
4Imran Anwar- 212111
4Haider Butt- 81110
4Fiaz Ahmed- 0200
4Junaid Niazi- 393542
4Abdul Majid- 0000
4Muhammad Rizwan Butt- 0000
4Ali Dawood- 0000
4Mohsin Zaki- 0000
4Yousif Wali- 0000
# Bowling Position O M R W
4Ali Dawood-3.40162
4Muhammad Rizwan Butt-40244
4Imran Anwar-3061
4Abdul Majid-40252
4Mohsin Zaki-30201
4Yousif Wali-10180

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